David Rogenmoser | CEO of Proof | YC W18 | Marketer Turns Tech Entrepreneur And Raises $2 Mil Seed


Founded by David Rogenmoser, Chris Hull, and John Philip Morgan, Proof helps B2B companies to increase website conversions through personalized social proof. TK sits down with David to get the inside scoop on building the company, the ah-ha moment of the grand idea, fundraising, lessons learned and more.

2:28 – The timeline leading up to finding Proof
6:26 – the Ah-ha moment
11:47 – Elevator Pitch
12:39 – Shifting focus from day-to-day to long term
14:50 – Finding the first investor
17:15 – Fundraising
22:04 – Churn & Retention
24:27 – Becoming customer-obsessed & focusing on the important metrics
29:22 – Rebuilding Proof’s team structure
33:37 – Learning from mistakes
40:29 – Secret insights on building a company
42:15 – The exit strategy
44:03 – David’s big motivation

CEO of Proof – David Rogenmoser

Book Mentioned:
Super Thinking – Mental Models By Gabriel Weinberg & Lauren McCann

Podcasts Mentioned:
Joe Rogan


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