Kong Pham | CEO of Jumpcut | YC S16 | Prior YouTube Star Launches Startup and Does $12M in Sales!


Jumpcut is an online school for entrepreneurs that participated in Y Combinator summer of 2016 . Kong is the founder of Jumpcut and got his start off of running and growing several profitable YouTube channels. He grew up poor but with a loving family who always reminded him that although they were poor, Kong was still in a better situation than his father and had a lot to be grateful for. This became a big drive for Kong’s success to be able to reach financial freedom and support his family who worked so hard for his own future.

He reached his first million from his multiple, successful YouTube channels but years later realized he wanted to build his career around helping people and through that process, Jumpcut was born. In this interview, we tour Jumpcut HQ in Los Angeles and get the scoop on Kong’s personal journey, YouTube star success, and the rise of his start-up, Jumpcut. Check out this Unscripted Raw behind the scene interview!

CEO of JumpCut – Kong Pham


0:16 – Jumpcut Office Tour
5:41 – Interview
6:27 – Life growing up
9:15 – The start of his YouTube career, Simple pick-up
15:43 – What was your driving force?
18:20 – Did you ever think you would get to this point?
20:26 – Where did you come up with the idea of Jumpcut?
23:00 – How did you transition to venture capital?
27:30 – Elevator pitch
31:08 – How much have you raised?
33:33 – Employees & revenue per year
35:30 – Biggest Mistake you made
39:00 – When did you really start believing in this
41:32 – Breakdown your 100 employees and how to delegate
45:26 – What does your week look like as CEO?
49:00 – Insights in Building Jumpcut
52:00 – What’s the mission & exit plan
53:42 – Last Advice to young entrepreneurs

Book Mentioned:
Good To Great By Jim Collins
Hard thing about hard things By Ben Horowitz

Podcasts Mentioned:
Joe Rogan
Tim Ferris
Science Versus – Gimlet
An Unconventional Life – Jumpcut


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